Kunsang Gar Meditation Center

Tibetan Buddhism in the Rimé Tradition

Kunsang Gar Meditation Center

 Our Teacher

Kunsang Gar’s Spiritual Director, Geshe Dangsong Namgyal, is a Buddhist teacher, scholar, author, and meditation master. As a Rimé teacher, he embraces all the traditions and schools of Bön and Tibetan Buddhism.

Growing up assisting his father in performing spiritual and healing rituals for his region of Tibet, he entered the monastery and later travelled to India and Nepal, studying with some of the foremost masters of our time. His 25 years of meditation and study have developed in him an extraordinary depth of knowledge through which he conveys essential teachings and meaning of Dzogchen in particular, and Tibetan Buddhism in general.

Esteemed by his peers as a scholar of Tibetan culture, history, Tibetan philosophy and psychology, Geshe Namgyal has given presentations at numerous conferences in Asia, Europe and the US, and has written and published over a dozen books—his latest Pure Dzogchen: Zhang Zhung Tradition.

Weekly Meditation with Geshe Namgyal

Saturdays, 10:00am to 11:30am

Corralitos Cultural Center
127 Hames Road
Corralitos, California 95076

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