Natural Mind

The Four Inconceivable Qualities Of Natural Mind

At Kunsang Gar, we practice Dzogchen meditation on the Natural Mind. Dzogchen and Natural Mind have four inconceivable qualities:

· Passed beyond View

· Passed beyond Meditation

· Passed beyond Action

· Passed beyond Result

Natural Mind is beyond mind, like space on a moonless, cloudless night. One can’t conceive of just how vast it is. It is without end, or measurement. We can scarcely imagine it’s depth. Who at some time has not been awed by the inconceivable vastness of space?

The higher practitioner’s experience is like this. The meditator passes beyond mind and experiences the inconceivable vastness of the Natural Mind.

Finally they decide, “It is like this.” This is the final ultimate truth.

It is the ultimate: beyond mind, beyond speech, and inconceivable.

For a more detailed discussion read Michael Roth’s essay on Natural Mind Approach to Meditation and Liberation 

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