Kunsang Gar one-day teaching


Buddha Nature

Geshe Namgyal will open his teaching schedule on Saturday, February 11th.

The topic will be Buddha Nature, the fundamental nature of all beings. It is the essence of enlightenment; it is the essence of all beings. Everybody possesses the qualities of the Buddha. Buddha means awakened. People usually think that achieving full enlightenment is very hard work and takes a long time. By listening to teachings on Buddha Nature, you can gain confidence and find it easier to make the effort to attain enlightenment. Buddha Nature shows that you have a potential to attain full enlightenment; it is the fundamental nature of all beings. Because this is so, all beings may realize enlightenment. This teaching is not part of tantra or dzogchen; it comes from sutra teaching (teachings of the Buddha). The understanding developed with this teaching can naturally lead to tantra and dzogchen because of the relation in the essence of Budddha Nature

Location: Corralitos Cultural Center, 127 Hames Rd, Watsonville Fee: $40 Donation to the Geshe is separate. No one turned away for lack of funds